Tips For Genesis Users

Beaver Builder say that their plugin works with any theme, but it works better with some themes than others.

Here are some things I’ve noticed when using Genesis and StudioPress themes.

Background color shows through

The background color of the footer in the StudioPress theme might show through your Beaver Builder layout.
To fix this just make sure all of your rows have a background color set, even if it’s white.

Gap between navbar and Beaver Builder layout

In the Monochrome theme I got a large gap at the top of the page, between the header-navbar and the start of my first Beaver Builder row. In Monochrome I used a negative margin of -100 px to close that gap. Other themes might need slightly different settings.

Row edit icons stuck under item above

After closing that gap and using a negative margin, I couldn’t see the row’s top toolbar icons. So when I wanted to edit the row again, I dragged another row to the very top of the page. Now, because the row with the negative margin was no longer at the top I could see the move and wrench icons again. I edited the row then deleted the extra row I had dragged above it.